Processing Time

Your order is thoroughly reviewed by our Finance Department to ensure that the order is accurate, the payment method is valid, and you are authorized to use this payment method. Once your order has passed the rigorous review by our Finance Department, it is sent to our couriers for delivery.

Please note, order processing can take up to 3 business days (Depending on the accuracy of the information given to us by the customer.)

Transit Time

Local Delivery: 1 to 2 working days

Note- Saturday & Sunday & Public Holidays deliveries are not available by most couriers. Contact us for special requests.

Total Time for Delivery

Total time is based on the amount of time it takes to get payment authorization, order processing, and the transit time from the carrier. This can range from 24 hours to 5 days for in-stock items.

Delivery Rates

Our customer-friendly shipping schedule and cost is calculated by the courier of your choice. Delivery charges will be applied to all orders placed with us. We charge only once for delivery and handling, for the entire order. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these charges, feel free to email us.

Dispute Resolution

Agreement to resolve all disputes through arbitration or in small claims court and agreement to waive a right to jury trial and to participation in class actions

You and Global Technology eStore agree to resolve any controversy, dispute, or claim arising out of or relating to your purchase of any product or service from estore.gy by binding Arbitration administered by Consumers Affairs Division, or in a small claims court, and judgment on the arbitration award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in a court having competent jurisdiction. This agreement to arbitrate is intended to be broadly interpreted and covers all controversies, disputes, claims arising out or relating to your purchase including, but not limited to contract claims, tort claims and statutory claims, or any combination of claims. We agree that the arbitration or small claim proceeding will take place in Barbados.

We agree that the Consumer’s Affairs Division shall administer the arbitration, and that the Fair Trading Commission’s Commercial Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures and Consumer Related Disputes Supplementary Procedures, if applicable, shall apply. These Arbitration Rules may be found on Fair Trading Commission website. You and estore.gy agree that the Arbitration Award maybe taken to a Court of competent jurisdiction to become an enforceable judgment. You and Promotech.com agree that any arbitration under this Agreement will take place on an individual basis. Class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted.

This Arbitration Agreement affects your legal rights. An arbitration is resolved by a neutral party and not a judge or jury. There is less discovery and less exchange of information between the parties to an arbitration than might occur in a court proceeding. An arbitration award is final and binding and will only be overturned or reversed by a court in very limited circumstances. You agree that, by entering into this Agreement, you and estore.gy are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action.




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